Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lessons in finishing well

There is a feeling that grips you when you know that you have passed the point of no return and the capsize is inevitable. What makes it worse is that you know that you only have two more legs of the course to complete and finish the race in the a position that seems to have been a far of dream... and you blew it! Yes that was me this weekend! The last race of the Enterprise Eastern area Championships. lying third after a really excellent race, always close on the heals of the leading boat, last gybe mark, Just a bit too close, not paying enough attention to the gybe and the next think you know is that 'sinking feeling'.

What made it worse is that I could not for the life of me, right the boat! We have to retire.

The encouraging thing is that we were up there and not just gradually slipping back through the fleet but really giving the leader a run for his money!

The first days racing was in light and variable winds and I mananged a 7th and 9th out of 20 boats.

Saturday had more wind and we were doing well to finish 6th only to discover that we had been disqualified by failing to pass back through the start line. I was gutted but pulled myself together to make an excelent start at the pin end with no one around me, out of the tide and going like a train. I was first to the windward mark but not the first round it. The sequence of pictures shows us approaching the mark just below the lay line but I have to cross the bows of the starboard tacker and tack beyond him so as not to infringe him and he just slips inside me at the mark.

Although he pulled away from us on the reaches, by the windward mark were right on his transom again!
We lost a place at the leward mark and then came the dreadful gybe and in we went.

The thing is, inspite of the crap result (15th overall) I know that we can do it! We can sail really quick. This is a real confidence boost and all I have to do is learn how not to make the silly mistakes that cost us a decent place overall. We cold have been 6th, possibly higher.

I have lovely bruises on my arms and that wind blown feel, I shall ache all week but it was worth it!

I can't wait to get to the worlds now!


Tillerman said...

Congratulations on doing so well. This syndrome of "holy shit I'm doing really well today ... holy shit I blew it again" is so familiar to me. I think I've found every possible way to go from first to last in a race in 10 seconds that are know to man. If you find a cure for this disease please let me know.

rev tc said...

hi tim,
thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. i don't know whether you were aware, but i keep my boat (a mk1 corribee) in the creek at tollesbury, and i also volunteer at fellowship afloat as asst instructor. it was they who taught me to sail 5 years ago!
small world eh......

Ant said...

Yeh agreed well done..and man really good luck @ the Worlds, it'll be a fantastic event, gutted I won't be there in body, but on the water I'll be there in the breeze and on the land there'll be soulsailor-spirit flowing from the bar :-)