Monday, May 01, 2006

Something has gone wrong with the weather

Well this weekend has seen some very annoying weather!
Our races this weekend were all early: 7-45am or 8am, (because of the tides) So on Saturday we get horrid cold rain, big waves and a strong breeze which later becomes a lovely sunny day ..AFTER the tide's gone out!
Sunday is lovely and sunny with very patch light winds, which pick up nicely ...After the tide had gone out! Monday? Back to horrid cold rain, a good breeze and you guessed.. It all cleared up to give a nice sunny day with a good breeze... After the tide had gone out!

We did get out on Sunday. It was a good turnout alround with about 5 Darts, 4 Laser2000's and 6 Enterprises!
It was a spring tide and we started close to high water and because of thelight winds we only got one race in. We normally do two back to back. I was pathfinder and 1 minute after I started the wind dropped and headed me! All but two boats managed to start, one was late of the beach due to a technical problems, the other was like a dead duck dead ahead of me doing his best to get below my course and failing miserably! I tried to do the nice thing and luff up but I just didn't manage it. In the end I had to tack but by that time I had just about lost all way and then, drawn by some kind of capillary force we gently collided! Well we fended off and I got shoved off on Starboard whilst poor old Malc' was left to make the best of the start as he could. We don't take it to seriously especially in such silly conditions.
Needless to say whilst all this is going on everyone else is nicely being lifted to the 1st mark!

Well I give chase and managed to get past Simon and I'm not far behind William who is close on the heals of Steve. I round the mark third but I slip and let go of the main sheet and the boom hits the mark! I re round the mark 4th behind Simon and just ahead of Malcolm.
Simon and I swap places a couple of times but in the end he pips me past the last mark. Steve managed to beat William so the good news is that I manage to win the April points by one point with a 1st and two 2nds, the 4th being my discard. William was next with a 1st, 2nd and a 3rd with a 3rd for a discard. Malcolm would be next with a 1st, 4th and 5th to count, all the others, including Steve, would have to count a dns or more.
Saturdays racing was cancelled and Monday I just didn't bother as I knew it would not be pleasant so stayed at home and worked on PoppyCock instead.
Well I hope next weekend will be better weather.


OG said...

Sounds like you guys have an awesome time on the water regardless of the conditions!

Tillerman said...

Congrats on winning the April points. Next stop Enterprise Worlds?

Emma said...

The winning of April points is all thanks to your fabulous crew for the first weekends racing! Weren't you lucky!